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Aliens. Arrival. Contact. Avatar. Interstellar. Avengers: Endgame. Star Wars: A New Hope. Jurassic Park. These are the offspring of the imaginations of men and women. They are but a few of the speculations that have come to countless minds as they looked up to the stars and wondered, "Are we alone?"; or who have admired the creations of man and anticipated their possibilities - and dangers.

The greatest stories come from dreams of the exotic; from experiences as unique as quantum anomalies. They push the limits of what's possible, yet at their core they are but attempts of discovering who we are as Homo sapiens; why we're here; what our place is in this vast universe (or multiverse).

For ages, stories of alien and artificial life were told through speech and writing. Now, in an age of technological advancement of greater rate than at any time in human history, through brilliant lights and booming sounds of that technology which stimulates alternate realities, these stories are told with more potency than ever before. Now, audiences don't have to interpret words into blurs of images, but can rather immerse themselves into the digital experience where the sights and sounds come from beyond themselves and all they have to do is go along for the ride. Now, these stories can be told at levels deeper than what we thought was possible.

Some say we, human beings, are mere matter; some, defined by our intelligence; some, blessed with eternal souls. I say we are none of those things by themselves. We are life, as is all that evolved with and before us since that first cell divided itself 3.5 billion years ago. But what does that mean, we are life? What is life?

All the most successful of the digital stories of science fiction have attempted to answer these questions. Their creators know that life is the essence of human existence, but what that means, they can only speculate through the stories they create. So far, none have provided a solid answer.

And probably, none ever will. Discovering ourselves is a life-long journey, both for the individual's life and for the life of the whole human race.

Earth is a planet of life, but it's not the only one. Discover and create alien biospheres at our new site, a creative community dedicated to producing ideas and content for the greatest science-fiction movie ever. Let life on Earth inspire you. Discover what it means to be life; alive. Whatever you and the community discover, it shall be told through a story that will be remembered for generations to come. Join us at XenoBiotica, showcase your amazing creations, and help create the greatest science-fiction movie ever.

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