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Tell Disney to Stop Funding Abortion

Disney is amazing, but there's just one problem...

Do you love Disney? Because I sure do. I've been to the parks in Orlando, FL, and while they've seen better days, they're still so much fun. And the movies - some of the movies are just amazing (Avatar, anyone?)

But there's just one problem: Disney supports abortion. Not even just supports; they fund abortion. And because of that, I can't enjoy anything Disney anymore in good conscience.

If you feel the same way, know that you're not alone. Hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of people and families are just like you - life-loving, possibly conservative or religious, and unable to make their children's dreams come true because of Disney's dubious ethics.

Just think about it - Disney is supposedly a company for children and families, yet they actively support (one of) the most anti-family and anti-child practices possible.

Not happy? Yeah, me neither. Thus we at CytoLuminescent decided to do something about it. Below is the link to our petition to encourage Disney to stop funding and supporting abortion. You can find the details (and evidence!) about the situation in the petition's description. Our goal is to send the CEO of Walt Disney Company a letter explaining that what he is doing is wrong and why he should terminate abortion support and funding, with enough signatures to be convincing. We will speak not just from a moral/ethical point-of-view, but also a business point-of-view, explaining the practicality of the customers and money abortion is costing his company.

Can't wait to be able to experience the Magic of Disney again? Then let's do this.

Link to petition:

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