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DO NOT SUPPORT the NRDC (or any of these other organizations)

Updated: May 27, 2022

The NRDC, WWF, and many other environmental charities are not the heroes you may think they are.

Gas, oil, fossil fuels, fracking, etc. are bad for Terra, and eliminating their use (especially the need for their use) should be a priority of any general environmentalist/climate change activist organization. An even bigger reason to end Big Gas/Oil is their support of abortion and abuse of indigenous communities (through destruction of the lands upon which they depend). In short, fossil fuel corporations don't give a &^$% about life of any kind, human or non-human. You would think every anti-fossil fuel organization would be striving to end all ties to pro-fossil fuel companies, but unfortunately, that's not the case.

The Natural Resources Defense Council, or NRDC, supports abortion. The NRDC also profits from oil and gas companies - and mind you, the NRDC staunchly opposes such sources of energy (or so they say). And a lot more (see second link).

Here are some more hypocritical "environmental" organizations that invest/profit from the very activities they claim to oppose, although some are better than others. The worst offenders (other than NRDC) include the following:

  • Conservation International

  • The Nature Conservancy

  • Wildlife Conservation Society

Many environmental organizations also have stances on reproductive rights and population control, which are fair issues to be concerned about. After all, both Terra and humanity are currently suffering from a mix of overpopulation and poor resource management, and reproductive rights and population control can have an effect on their well-being. Reproductive rights often include abortion, which kills unborn human beings (and is therefore not a true reproductive right). Because of this, said organizations often have an stance on abortion as well. While lowering the human population is not a bad idea, doing it via murder is not the way to go. Unfortunately, many environmental organizations support and even fund abortion - either through direct donations, sponsorship of pro-abortion bills, or otherwise - justifying it as a "reproductive right" and "important for climate and planet health." It's not. If you want fewer people in the world, advocate for celibacy, not murder.

NRDC is one of those pro-abortion organizations. The following organizations are also staunch abortion supporters:

You may be aware of our (CytoLuminescent) donation program, in which we forward your donations to us to charities/organizations of your choice that we list as supported organizations. We hold each organization to a high standard, and any that violate our Oath in actions and/or values don't make the cut. We keep our list updated so you can be confident that your hard-earned money is going where you want it to. Even though we're as much pro-Earth as we are pro-life, we may not have as many environmental organizations as you might expect, and that's because of the hypocrisy and anti-life values of so many such organizations.

I know. I wish things weren't that way, either. But with the ever-growing culture of death and worship of money and power, reliable, uncorrupt charities are becoming harder to find. But that's why we're here - to help engage with and invest in a community that actually values life and does what it says it does. We're constantly striving to do better. If you have any suggestions, or if you know of any organizations we should avoid or support, don't hesitate to let us know!

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