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One Pledge, Infinite Possibilities.

Create a Place Where No Lives Are Lost to Evil.

At CytoLuminescent, we're dedicated to raising awareness, knowledge, and appreciation for life on Earth. Sign the Pledge and join our official community below to help create a place where humans and nature can thrive together.

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Dog & Cat Pals
Nonhuman Lives
Patient with Healthcare Nurse
Human Lives
Antler in Nature

How it Works

See how a simple pledge and a few dollars translate to thousands of lives saved.


Step 1. Sign the Pledge & become an official member (click above).

Step 2. Select a donation plan.

Step 4. Collaborate with others & share your ideas to develop the Project.

Step 5. See how your money & efforts are saving lives.

Step 3. Choose your charity and list the individuals you want to help.

Sustainable Energy

80% of proceeds go toward saving human and nonhuman lives.


100% of Program efforts go toward education and developing the Project.


Everyone, including you, gets to learn about the wonders of Earth's Biosphere.

Why CytoLuminescent?

You're investing in a cause. It's that simple.

Donating Money
Flowers for Sale

Earn Money for Your Efforts.

Sell the creations you make for the Project - all the profits are yours.

Just let us know what you'd like to sell, and if we approve it, we'll list your products for you in our Store.

Start Your Own Program & Make an Impact Locally.

Show your dedication to the Oath by creating your own local programs, creative works, organizations, and more.


Get funded by money made through the Project


Sell products; start a volunteer program; open a school, sanctuary, clinic, etc.; start an organization; and more. 

Blue and yellow parrot
Nature Graffiti
Nurse and Patient
Smiling Child

Give Your Loved Ones a Fighting Chance.

Earn money you can spend on necessities for your sick, injured, or disabled loved ones (people and pets!).


Medical Expenses






Use for yourself if you're the one in need

One Pledge, Infinite Possibilities.

Take the Vow to foster Life on Earth. 

It all starts with a pledge. By signing the Pledge, you swear an Oath to cultivate life and forsake death. By chipping in a monetary donation when you sign, you help us execute the Oath by sending that money to organizations and individuals dedicated to saving and fostering lives both human and nonhuman. Once you sign, you have a whole community of people also dedicated to the Oath to help you accomplish your dreams in ways that will save lives. If we as a community gather enough resources, we can make the Utopia a reality - a place where humans and nature can live together in harmony, free from the struggles and destruction of modern civilization.

Any one person can go and start their own mission, or found their own charitable organization. But no one has gone and gathered together the people in one mind and one dream in a way that promotes diversity of work. Many [ways], even more people, one goal - that's what makes the Project unique.

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Charities We Support

Human Lives

Save a Child's Heart     American Life League

St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital

Vasculature of the Heart

Thank you to all our doctors, nurses, veterinarians, firefighters, police, and paramedics for helping people (and animals) live another day.

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